in the middle of the end-of-semester insanity
something just arrived


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pris made me do it omg
like this was too good to not do with my two ultimates as well but i kNOW WHO YOU WANT ME TO TALK ABOUT—

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okay i’m done with my first watching of andymori’s new dvd
some thoughts below

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  • Favorite member: iii love everyone equally but recent events finally proved to myself that souhei is definitely my fave lol wow
  • Least Favorite member: are you serious
  • Prettiest member: souhei he’s an ikemen
  • Member I Wanna Marry: T B H i’m more inclined in being like their best buddies more than anything, they look like the best people to hang out with
  • Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: see above. although if i had to choose hiroshi seems like the coolest
  • Favorite song: uchuu no hate wa kono me no mae ni
  • Favorite pv: UM WELL. i have a weakness for glorious keitora and beautiful celebrity just because they’re pretty and uhh I LOVE EVERYTHING. right now my favorite is yumemiru bandwagon u_u special mention for neverland because how can you not
  • Unpopular Opinion: uhh city lights is one of their best songs but not THE best…? idk if people still consider it like that though
    oh yeah i think i like their second album better than their first but i’m always on an internal conflict over that :V
    man i just noticed i don’t even what opinions are popular or not in this fandom ah
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Club Night @ SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2012.
This is the version of the song that’s going to be included on the “Aishite yamanai ongaku o” live album.

Also, small reminder that both live albums are already out! ;)

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