Good news!
Aside from SSW14 next Sunday, Souhei is also going to play at two more live events along with other bands: with the band marebito on November 26th at Tachikawa, and on Shinjuku JAM on December 18th! (:
Kenji is also playing with other artists at November 8th (and 9th?)!

back in 2010, when i was already a big fan of this band, i remember having a lot of dreams about them. some didn’t come true, but some did: at the very very least letting them know how much i appreciate them, how their songs were the things that kept me up when i needed; but most of all, how i wished this band that “played in their own way at their own pace” got as much success as they wanted, because i was sure they had the potential to fill every stage - as they did, sold out show after sold out show, until they reached here and had this whole audience cheering for them. because, if i couldn’t be there, at least knowing other people who loved them as much as me were there, making them smile and know they’re so very loved for the last time was okay. 
knowing that in these 4 years i managed to somehow get souhei to know how much i appreciated him and this band, knowing that they were aware, even for just a second, that there was someone pretty much on the other side of the world that was still cheering for them and appreciating them, ever since 2010 - and from now on, because i can’t forget them - and then watching this show, even through streaming, even from far away; watching them making an amazing show, as usual, and meeting an audience, meeting us, who were with them until the end. it was a good journey,
thank you, thank you, thank you, obrigada, ありがとう, i can’t say this enough. thank you, andymori. until someday, somewhere. :)



Title: 君はダイアモンドの輝き
Artist: andymori
Played: 3301 times

andymori - 君はダイヤモンドの輝き


since it’s already the 8th in japan, the dvd is already out, and the tower records stores are already celebrating~ (ノ´ー`)ノ (these are only some of them, check their twitters for more!!)
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4th dvd’s disc 2’s sora wa aiiro (+ quick bts bits)! this one took place in july 21st.

they also included exactly what songs will be featured in this disc, so head under the cut for it. :D

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new spot for the 4th dvd, this time focused on the contents of the second disc!


andymori | neverland


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